Obtaining parts for Gen 1

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Obtaining parts for Gen 1


Post by themaster »


It's been a while since I've posted but my F2 Evo has been nicely resting (sorn'd) but it's now time to bring her back to life again.

I put a new battery in it the other day and it started 1st time no problems after being standing for a good year.

Only thing is the power steering tube has corroded and will need replacing.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the part? I know the part number but just struggling to find suppliers?

Someone mentioned Albert Hwang who i've seen on Facebook but what's the deal with him? Do you just send him a message and hope he comes good or does he have a website?


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Re: Obtaining parts for Gen 1


Post by Shel »

Albert Hwang is our tried and trusted man in S. Korea. Dozens of folk including myself buy from him for genuine parts. He is far cheaper and quicker delivery than 99% of eBay or even UK based Hyundai dealerships. All you do is direct message him with what your after and he will see if he can get it or if it's still available then message back with prices. Then you just PayPal him the pennies. The part you want is going to be very rare, I do have my doubts it will be available. It is not impossible you could have it repaired/remade by somewhere like Pirtek Hydraulics, might be worth an ask.
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Re: Obtaining parts for Gen 1


Post by thedupleman »

Rock auto in the states are quite good but they only have what they have
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