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Hi everyone...I'm Racy Lady, aka Pat, aka Daz's other half, the better half of course. :icon-biggrin:
Most of you who have already read my details in 'meet the member' know all about me, but for those who don't here goes....This is the third Gen 2 silver Coupe I have owned, I wrote the 1st one off about a month after buying it, thankfully I did it before taking it to my local bodyshop to have flip paintwork and Lamborghini doors fitted and spending a fortune on it....the 2nd Coupe I sold to buy an Alfa Romeo 156 2.4jtd as I needed a diesel car and wanted to buy a car that looked like a Coupe but had economy....purchased Gen 2 number 3 a couple of years ago when cheaper fuel use was no longer an issue when I moved closer to my work place.

Have worked in the motor trade all my life in various admin/manager roles, including car sales, garage repairers, Mitsubishi/Kia/Hyundai dealerships and laterally for Chris Hamley Saab Specialists in Yelverton, Devon as a Company Director.

Always been interested in cars...particularly Modified cars. It's my hobby, my passion and I guess the reason all of this makes for a happy working and personal life.

Joined HCOC when I purchased Coupe number 3 and wanted to 'bling it up'....my Gen 2 is probably not to everyone's taste but hey it's my motor so I guess that means I can do with it as I please....plus it highly promotes Hyundai and the Club. Our Coupes are well known around the locality where we live as they obviously 'stand out'...but that's the point!

My other hobby is writing for a local magazine...currently doing the monthly editorial on 'modified cars'....so that enables me to indulge in my passion even more...and to advertise HCOC of course.... :happy-partydance: of course I also have to put up with that ancient heap the scoupe which is not my taste but in excellent condition

So that's me generally.....I'm easy going, enjoy a laugh and for anything else you had better ask Daz, who I'm sure will tell you the truth.... :icon-lol:

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