Improving Gear Change - Hyundai Coupe 2000 - 2001 (Gen2)

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Improving Gear Change - Hyundai Coupe 2000 - 2001 (Gen2)


Post by Hig » Tue Feb 09, 2010 11:05 am

Improving Gen2 Gear Change

Firstly, locate this lot: (Look directly underneath the air feed pipe, if you look from the side you should easily spot it)
Where the bottom arrow is, slip a washer onto there to tighten it up, you do this simply by pulling off the clip.

For the bottom arrow, you first have to undo two bolts, as shown below:
Then this section will come apart, keep it in the same order but slide the washer on next to the part that looks like a spring (where the bottom arrow points above) and bolt everything back down.

Then you will see connected to this piece like a large weight (on the left of this picture), well if you follow the arm that it seems to link to, you will see this part:
Again slide the washer in there and that is the under bonnet stuff sorted. A good way to tell the difference between before and after is to have someone waggle the gear stick and change gears before you do this, and then after you do this, you will notice afterwards that the linkage no longer rattles (you can hear it & you can see it)

After this, we need to look at these parts:
The main problem is this part: (It is the spring in the square, ignore the arrows, those where for when I was explaining something else to Stewart lol!
As you can see on the picture, you want that spring to be tight (as it is on the picture) to the two prongs that it touches, most probably if you check yours now you will notice that the spring is wide apart as mine used to be (which is why the stick wobbles), so if you tighten that up that will make the big difference (makes the stick tighter in its movement), as you go to fit the spring though you should have to pull it around the two prongs that are sticking up, you should find this relatively difficult to do:

Finally, the last picture:
The left arrow shows where to put the washer onto part of the linkage, the right hand arrow shows the tight fit that the spring now is.

(I haven't finished with this yet, I still mean to put a washer onto the bottom of the gear stick (where the linkage joins) and also, I am waiting upon some very thin washers to pack out a few more places along the line, also I am tempted to stick in a bit of copper grease on the pivot where the gear stick swings from, I shall add onto the DIY if I have any luck with this.)

Right, so that is my DIY for improving the gear change, I hope that this will help all Gen2 owners.

I advise if you can to get the plastic washers from the Gen1, these hold the bolt still that bolts the stick to the holder, in the Gen2 these are metal ones and they just split and begin to break up.
Some extra bits: (Summarised from fonseca‘s post on rdtiburon)
- Put some heat shrink or insulation tape on the spring where it touches the stick (or use a strong elastic band.)
- At the bottom of the stick, where it connects to the gear linkage, put some tape or heatshrink around here to negate any play there.
- Even if you put the plastic washers on as mentioned above there may still be some play, I advise you get a Coke can (or any other beverage can lol!) and cut some strips out of that as washers, just to remove anymore play, you need to use a can as normal washers are not thin enough.
- Btw, instead of buying white washers from hyundai for the bolt (as mentioned above) apparantly, skateboard bushings will fit in there, so may be a little bit cheaper.
(Nb: I take no responsibility for any broken parts (mainly relates to the spring when you try tightening it up but this applies to other parts aswell.) Doing this shouldn't be a problem, and this DIY is tried and tested on my Gen2.

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Re: Improving Gear Change - Hyundai Coupe 2000 - 2001 (Gen2)


Post by portadownfc » Mon May 14, 2012 4:16 am

do you have any larger versions of the pictures in this guide?